Share your favorite testimony

Our testimony is our witness to God being real in our lives. This is a good way for us to encourage one another, when we talk about how good God is and how He’s blessing our lives.

What’s your testimony?

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Since I started this topic, I’ll be the first to reply.

I have several things to share

  1. Ever since this pandemic started, I’ve been believing that God would protect me and my whole family from it. Well, He has. And not only that, but I’ve noticed that when other things try to crop up, I just thank God for my healing and rest in His promises, and I find that even those symptoms leave.

  2. Work has been busy, but not stressful. I’m noticing how much His peace has been keeping me on an even keel.

  3. Ever since I started studying Revelations, there has been this excitement about what might be waiting for us and what we’ll get to see, I’m hoping, very soon.


@BillS - I am grateful you’ve started digging into Revelations. It’s been helping solidify, in me, that resolve to not give into evil. I don’t want to be in the camp that is hiding from God’s judgment -or- the camp that is boisterously cursing and fighting against Him.

It’s definitely time for the body of Christ to live like 1 Corinthians 13 - walking in love and putting away childish ways. We’re the frontline of God’s life, light and love against evil’s death, sin and pride.

My testimony!
Roughly June this year, I was literally 1 second away from being killed on my way home from the bank. A van ran the red light. The light turned green for me to turn left and this van was blazing about 60 mph (on a 40 mph road) into the driver’s side. He would have hit my door directly, but God spoke up on the inside of me and told me to pause a second when the light turned green. I barely got the words out, “OK, God no problem,” when the the van flew by. After that happened I praised God all the way home for His deliverance from death and destruction over my life. God is so good!


I have missed the connection of the Sunday and Wednesday services at Swords. I have come to realize how important this family in Christ is to me. I am blessed to be a part of this family.

God has filled this void through the online teachings of Bill and Eva. I am especially thankful for the “Revelation” series on Wednesdays. The information has allowed Lisa and I to gain a greater understanding of the the things to come verified by what is transpiring in the world today. What is sometimes overshadowed by God’s judgement on the earth, is his, love for those who endure to the end. Jesus will finally take possession of His kingdom and His people.

My testimony is contained in Revelation 1:3 “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophesy, and keep those things which are written in it: for the time is near” Jesus is coming for His people!!


I really don’t have a favorite testimony… I am amazed at everyone of them . Because he loves us and protects us always . And I get to live this way right now . Not the lie I was taught that you can’t speak to him and remain silent in prayer. But here’s a few of what he’s done for me .
I was really tired from working and wanted to sleep in my bed not in my company truck . So I said lord I want to make it home but I can’t … I know am going to fall sleep while driving Please get me home. I started my truck and trusted him and started heading home . I felt no fatigue no drowsiness it was just like I had all the energy I needed.

He’s done this serval times for me.

The scripture I always use is Ephesians 6:10
Finally my brethren be strong in the lord and the power of his Might. HIS MIGHT, HIS MIGHT.

I say this serval times to remind me It His Might getting though this.
Also I remember Pastor Bill preached it this way and it stuck.


It’s so great to have this facility available for us to come together and encourage each other. Thank you PB for this.

So my testimony is about healing and wholeness during this pandemic. I’ve seen the hand of God move on my behalf several times during these past 6 months of quarantine. I’ve come to understand on a much deeper and greater level the willingness, readiness, and capability of God to heal me. I’ve decided that going forward HE truly will be my doctor. My GREAT PHYSICIAN. And He has not disappointed once. I continue to see Him move every time I’ve prayed.

We know we’ve entered a new era in Christianity. It’s the ‘End of Days’ era. And for me, this has signaled a very real and urgent call to make Jesus the Lord of my life… in every aspect. As my Healer, my Provider, my Shepherd, My Redeemer (saves me, rescues me, delivers me, protects me).

So I guess my testimony here today is that… I’ve finally learned to trust God with ME… with everything that has to do with me. I can’t tell you the joy and peace that has come out of that leap of faith I finally took. Before, it was one situation after another that I would trust Him with. Now… He’s the first person I go to for everything. Come on to the other side… join me… as God becomes everything to us and our ALL IN ALL, amen? No better way to be…


Thank you, Brian. And, what an awesome testimony!

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I Wanted to share a powerful testimony I have experienced .
One morning on my way to get Coffee at 7-11 I walk into store and I know most of the Clerks by now.and they know me. This morning was different as I approach the front doors I a see a a Dark Shadow around the Bldg it saw me and ran around the corner . I rebuked the Evil Sprit and bound him from the store. As I enter there a man ( Clerk ) behind the counter I have never seen he doesn’t look at me. I say like I always say Good Morning. The sound from his voice was almost audible. Weird sound. I walk over to get my coffee then go to counter to pay. He still will not look me in the face he keeps his head down. Tells me how much in this same really strange sound … I pull my money out to pay and when he went to take the money he was in immediate pain, He fell back away from me with the money in his hand still not looking at me in Pain holding his right arm. I knew then he wasn’t right. My lord God let him know this is my son you will not hurt or harm him. I walked away without saying a word because now there were others in the store. I walked out and prayed over that Store. Evil positioned itself in that 7-11 I believe because the the High school across the street. I been back since several times never to see this person again. Thank You lord for showing yourself and sending a message to the Evil ones on this planet.


Amen Pastor, The key is to seek him first and you will always find him. The great thing is God’s not going any where. He’s always available. Joyfully waiting for us to seek him.- Much love


Continuing the discussion from Share your favorite testimony: When I think about my testimonies, there is one that is my favorite and that I hold onto anytime I feel doubt about how real God is and how much He cares for me. This happened nearly nine years ago just after Elise was born. As some of you may already know, Elise had a rough start and spent the first five months of her life in the NICU. Christmas was just one week after her birth and Tom and I had been at the hospital a lot and separated from Gabriel as he was being passed around to family members because he was too young to come to the hospital. This was a very hard time for me as I was torn between my children and putting my faith in God for my daughter’s survival. It was the Sunday before Christmas and Tom and I were at the hospital, we were trying to decide if we should stay at the hospital or go to church. Part of me wanted to go to church just to sneak to the nursery to see Gabriel because I was missing him so much, but I knew that wasn’t the right reason to go. I cried out to God for help because I was hurting so much being torn between my children. Ultimately, Tom and I decided to go to church because we believed it was the right thing to do and I went into the Main Sanctuary and not the nursery. Then something happened that had never happened before (since I’ve been at Swords anyway) and has never happened since. I’m not sure who made the decision, my guess is Pastor Eva, but Marilyn, who was in the nursery with Gabriel that day, was allowed to bring him into the Main Sanctuary so she wouldn’t miss the special Christmas service. At this time Gabriel was not even 2 years old and he was allowed into the service. He eventually ended up in my arms. It is a very small thing, but it was a huge blessing to me at that time and I know that it was God that made it happen.


Welcome to the community RDFonseca! It’s awesome to hear how intimate and personal God is with us that He grants our heartfelt desires.

Rachel, Beautiful testimony, I love seeing the sweetness of God in our lives. You see He had everything under control. No worries. Thank you for sharing

I made it to the otherside:

Life is an adventure full of love and teeming with activity. It is the LIght in the darkness, it is Beauty full of thanksgiving, it is courage facing fear, it is overcoming your weakness, it is hope for the future, it is seed that replenishes and most importantly it is Passion.

I made it home safely from Costa Rica. I did not want to go this year on another God assigned adventure but I new I had to go to, in order to understand life on the level God lives it (the abundant life) and omg, did I learn a bunch, My trip was filled with risks, challenges and people but what I saw, heard and experienced was life flowing all around me I had to endure, language barriers, stroke deficits, minimum money but God always supplies my need. I endured getting my trip cut short by one week due to COVID extreme restrictions, closures and eventually lockdowns but I was protected. Leaving early was a disappointment but I made it out of the country and to Houston airport where I almost did not make it to LA due to having a seizure in line while waiting to go through customs, but God is faithful and sent the right people in my path to help make my path straight home with VIP treatment and even escorts all the way to my apartment. You can travel the world, see people places and things but the greatest gift of all is LOVE ( love of family, GOD and others)