My Favorite Testimony

Continuing the discussion from Share your favorite testimony: When I think about my testimonies, there is one that is my favorite and that I hold onto anytime I feel doubt about how real God is and how much He cares for me. This happened nearly nine years ago just after Elise was born. As some of you may already know, Elise had a rough start and spent the first five months of her life in the NICU. Christmas was just one week after her birth and Tom and I had been at the hospital a lot and separated from Gabriel as he was being passed around to family members because he was too young to come to the hospital. This was a very hard time for me as I was torn between my children and putting my faith in God for my daughter’s survival. It was the Sunday before Christmas and Tom and I were at the hospital, we were trying to decide if we should stay at the hospital or go to church. Part of me wanted to go to church just to sneak to the nursery to see Gabriel because I was missing him so much, but I knew that wasn’t the right reason to go. I cried out to God for help because I was hurting so much being torn between my children. Ultimately, Tom and I decided to go to church because we believed it was the right thing to do and I went into the Main Sanctuary and not the nursery. Then something happened that had never happened before (since I’ve been at Swords anyway) and has never happened since. I’m not sure who made the decision, my guess is Pastor Eva, but Marilyn, who was in the nursery with Gabriel that day, was allowed to bring him into the Main Sanctuary so she wouldn’t miss the special Christmas service. At this time Gabriel was not even 2 years old and he was allowed into the service. He eventually ended up in my arms. It is a very small thing, but it was a huge blessing to me at that time and I know that it was God that made it happen.


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Like most of you, I have many amazing testimonies. HOWEVER A Recent Fav 2-21, I had given money to the poor out of my own need, but only days later needing it back. I went to God in prayer and reminded him of his promise in Proverbs " give to the poor, lend to the lord" that afternoon while doing my laundry, I found a perfectly folded (like it was folded with an iron) perfectly straight and folded just slightly $20 dollar bill sitting ON TOP of my laundry basket. enough to buy milk and groceries for the week.Nobody could have put it there, cuz I live by myself